Kelli Gleiner
artist and author

thoughts and fuzzy doodles



I just sent a dozen of these pendants off to Found, a small gallery in Union, Kentucky where they will be displayed and sold! I started these quite a while ago, and although I want to make things more often and more quickly, but this is such a time-intensive process. It's a good thing that I really love poking wool with a needle! I also haven't worked with findings in a while, and I nearly forget to add those extra costs into the sale price of the items. I am a work in progress, friends. 

As with any pieces involving "tree rings," I loved how relaxing it is to spin the circle as I add wool and felt around and around. Tree rings mark the passage of time, and I would like to explore adding my personal history into this motif. 

I also recently received news that A Day With Monster is a Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year finalist! It is very humbling that people are responding to my work so positively, and I am honored to be in the running for any award!